CleanEffects Air Conditioning Filters

At Island Aire, we understand how crucial it is to be surrounded by air that is pure and free from harmful bacteria and unpleasant odor. Therefore, we provide quality air conditioning filters that can help us provide customers with the best filtration systems in the market.

CleanEffects Air Conditioning Filters

CleanEffects Filters are known to be the world’s best and most effective whole-house air filtration systems in the market. These air conditioning filters work their power to remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens and bacteria; this is up to 100 times more than a standard 1” filter!

How it works

It starts by trapping large particles as the air goes through the pre-filter. Next, it charges the small particles. The impressive CleanEffects field charger can effectively create a series of electrically charged corona fields that help collect airborne contaminants quickly. It finishes the job by collecting the tiniest of particles that may have been missed. The collection elements of the CleanEffects Air Conditioner Filters are only .08 inches apart which create a strong collection field. Its patented filter is unlike any in the market, allowing it to stand out due to its ability to work without becoming clogged. Its powerful working promotes an efficient system of filtration and reduces the need of air conditioning repair.

Benefits of CleanEffects Air Conditioner Filters

Here’s what makes these Air Conditioner Filters great additions to your homes:

  • Make use of breakthrough, patented and state of the art technology
  • Works quietly
  • Not only stop dust but prevent air from moving too
  • Offer lowest pressure drop with highest efficiency
  • Super-fast in their working
  • Effectively remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens
  • Tested for performance by LMS Technologies and Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc.
  • Contributes less than 0.3 ppb of ozone
  • Installed as part of your heating and air conditioning system
  • Does not need a separate fan

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