Our Indoor Air Quality Services & Products Provide Clean Comfort in Southwest Florida

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that Americans spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. That’s a problem when a growing body of scientific research suggests that the air inside of homes and other buildings can contain more contaminants than the outdoor air, even in the most polluted cities. Even though we’ve made amazing advancements in HVAC technology, indoor air quality (IAQ) in many homes is worse than ever due to how tightly sealed new homes are.

Pet dander, pollutants, cooking fumes, microbial growth, and dust mites are just a few of the things that might be contaminating the air you breathe at home. Your HVAC system can exacerbate the problem by blowing these contaminants into every room in your home, causing them to lodge in your ductwork and other HVAC components. The health effects of poor indoor air quality include allergies; eye, nose, and throat irritation; asthma; headaches; and fatigue. To help you and your family avoid these issues, Island Aire of Southwest FL offers an array of inside air quality solutions.

Air Purifier

The quality of your indoor air starts with your central air filter. Island Aire of Southwest FL can provide you with advanced air purifier products in formats such as electrostatic, electronic, and media. Filters come with Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, ratings. We typically recommend at least a MERV 7 filter, but not every HVAC system has the static necessary for high-efficiency filters. That’s why it’s important for our technicians to come out and look at your HVAC unit to decide which filter rating can give you the highest-quality indoor air.


For the healthiest indoor air, you don’t want too much or too little humidity. Indoor air that is too moist provides a breeding ground for microbial growth. On the other hand, air that is too dry allows contaminants to remain airborne for longer, increasing the chance that they’ll be inhaled by someone in your household. Each home has different humidity needs as well, so our trained technicians can test the humidity levels and recommend air quality solutions from there.

Other Air Quality Products

Installing ventilators can help correct the problem of homes that are too well-insulated. A mechanical ventilator pushes stale air outside through an exhaust system. Simultaneously, the ventilator also draws outside air into your home, keeping the air you breathe fresh. More sophisticated ventilators can even use some of the energy lost during the transfer process.

If you suspect your indoor air quality could use come improving, give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule and perform an indoor air quality inspection. If your air quality is suffering, we will make suggestions and can install products that will improve your air, so everyone in your Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, Pine Island, and Sanibel Island, FL home is breathing clean, healthy air.